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[Courier Pack] Newborn Fresh Egg 初生蛋

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Product Description

We pick, clean and pack the fresh eggs before shipped to our customers. All eggbox are labelled with "laid on date" instead of expiry date!


Newborn eggs are the eggs laid within 60 days of the first laying from young hens. There is a saying that each newborn egg requires 2 to 3 days of nutrition from the hen to lay, and it is rich in protein, vitamins, lecithin and various trace elements. Newborn eggs are smaller in size, about 35-45g per egg, with thick shells, lower water content in proportion, and thicker egg whites.

Benefits of Bacillus Natto

  1. Improves gut’s health

  2. Improves metabolism and enhance immunity

  3. Improves Cardiovascular health, lowering heart disease risk
  4. Regulates chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol
  5. Anti-aging


Product features:

  1. Unique flavour and lower eggy smell
  2. Thick eggwhite and eggyolk
  3. Antibiotic free
  4. Hormone free
  5. Pesticides free
  6. No heavy metal contamination
  7. No artificial colorings added
  8. Vegetarian-friendly


Note: Delivery will be done by 3rd party courier company. Normally 1-3 working days after parcel is shipped out ,depends on the courier efficiency.


Compensation for goods damage and slow delivery

  1. Any claim for damage caused by courier must be notified within 24 hours of receipt of the item with photo provided.
  2. Compensation will be given for the broken egg quantity based on the product price itself.
  3. Refunds will be completed within 3 days, and refunds will be made by voucher or e-wallet.
  4. Due to the nature of the product, no returns will be accepted after the order has been shipped.
  5. If the buyer does not receive the item 14 days or more after shipment due to shipping delays, we will issue a full refund based on the product price by voucher or e-wallet. Goods do not need to be returned.

初生蛋是小母鸡刚开始产蛋的60天内所下的蛋。有一种说法是每一粒的初生蛋需要母鸡储备2到3天的营养才能产下,含有较为丰富的蛋白质,维生素,卵磷脂和各种微量元素,所以初生蛋属于“浓缩精华版. 初生蛋的体积较小,一颗大概是35-45g 左右,蛋壳厚实,比例上来说含水量较低,蛋白较浓稠。


每盒鸡蛋都标明鸡蛋的 ”生产日期" 而不是截止日期!



  1. 调节肠胃健康
  2. 调节新陈代谢,提高免疫力
  3. 预防心脑血管疾病
  4. 有利于高血糖,高血压和高血脂
  5. 抗衰老


  1. 独特风味,低腥味
  2. 蛋白蛋黄浓稠
  3. 无抗生素
  4. 无激素
  5. 无农药污染
  6. 无重金属污染
  7. 无添加人工色素
  8. 适合素食者





  1. 任何运输过程中造成的损坏索赔须在收到货品的24小时内拍照通知。
  2. 赔偿将根据产品价格按照破损数量退款。
  3. 退款将在3天内完成,退款方式将会是以购物卷或电子钱包进行。
  4. 基于产品性质,订单发货后将不接受退货。
  5. 如果买家在发货后的14天或更长时间因为运输延误而没有收到货品,我们将根据产品价格以购物卷或电子钱包全额退款,货品不需要退回。



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